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Psychic Skye

psychic Skye


Skye is a blast... I call her to check-in about how my life is going... she has been very accurate in her readings with me... she is up-beat and quick to answer my questions... thanks Skye! - Mona

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        Mobile: Dial #3563

    Skye'S PROFILE

    At the very early age of 8, Skye came to the amazing discovery of the psychic energy surrounding her when a great ball of light would emerge from her closet nightly singing in an angelic voice with the musical tones of a harp playing in the background. It wasn’t until she found herself among other Clairvoyants, Clairsentients and Clairaudients that she was able to hone her skills. This was the beginning of her journey of self-awareness and the quest to expand her research in the fields of Mediumship, Dreams and Native Spirituality.

    Skye is a Reiki Master who strongly believes in the power of positive energy and meditation and uses these concepts in her intuitive readings. She has been doing so professionally with her loving heart for almost 30 years using names and birthdates as a starting point to learn more about you. Let it be known that Skye will not tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to know, telling it straight in her caring way.

    One of Skye’s specialties is reading animals. To the animal lover, she is the person you need to speak with as she can provide insight into your pet and what is going on with them.

    When you are in need of healing, Skye can be your companion using her gifts of compassion and humour to ease the pain and bring you to a place of peace so that you can feel good as you continue on your journey of life.

Skye's Expertise

Reiki Master
Dream Analysis
Pet Readings
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