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Psychic Reading Types

Astrology Reading

One of the oldest forms of psychic reading still in use today, astrology readings also remain one of the most popular, and for good reason. With roots tracing back 4,000 years to Mesopatamia and with similar practices having been independently adopted by peoples as distant from one another as the Chinese, Indians, and Mayans, the ancient wisdom of astrology continues to reveal timeless truths that apply even in our modern times.

That astrology still has an important role to play in our contemporary lives is evidenced by the large number of people across religions, ethnic backgrounds, gender, and educational levels who continue to believe in its ability to reveal fundamental truths about our past, present, and future. According to polling conducting by the Pew Research Center, 25% of Americans believe in the tenets of astrology, similar to the number of Americans who believe in reincarnation (24%), yoga (23%), and spiritual energy (26%).

Trained astrologers are devoted to the study of the complex interrelationships among the positioning of celestial bodies and the course of human events, ranging in scale from the global to the personal. Of utmost significance are the Zodiacal signs, the 12 familiar astrological constellations whose alignment—along with that of the planets—at the time of one’s birth have profound ramifications for the entire course of one’s life.

From the time of the astral omens of the Mesopotamians, humans have been looking to the celestial bodies to reveal the fundamental truths of their individual lives and to guide them in all manner of important decisions. Is now the right time to act? What surprises lurk just around the corner? Am I making the right choices in my life, or will I come to regret them later?

Let our highly trained, experienced astrologists reveal to you the Universe’s answers to all of life’s most pressing and significant questions. Stop wondering, contact one of our astrologists for a reading today!

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Aura Reading

The aura, simply put, is the energy field surrounding all human beings, animals, and objects. Though often invisible to the untrained eye, the aura impacts all aspects of an entity’s being, as it is intricately connected to the body’s vital force, or chakra.

Our contemporary notion of the aura has been widely informed by the writings of Charles Webster Leadbeater, who, around the turn of the 20th century, left his position as a priest in the Church of England to join the mystical Theoshophical Society. Having undergone tutelage in theosophy while in India, Leadbetter’s explorations into the aura incorporated the Tantric notion of chakras, a significant development for Westerners that continues to heavily influence practice to this day.

Later theosophists such as Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce refined and further explored Leadbeater’s teachings, but the most significant development would come with the publication in 1977 of Christopher Hill’s Nuclear Evolution: The Rainbow Body, which presented a reinterpretation of Leadbeater’s work off which most contemporary aura-reading practices are based. A great many of the investigations to follow Nuclear Evolution have explored different methods for clearing blockages of the chakras, leading to the development of such techniques as crystal healing and aura-cleansing.

Our experienced aura readers are well-versed in a variety of aura-related practices and are specially attuned to the slight disruptions and disturbances in the aura that are indicative of all manner of maladies, ranging from the psychological to the physical to the personal. Perhaps more importantly, our aura readers are experienced in using the information revealed by your aura reading to help you redirect your energy flows in a more positive direction, helping to reverse any negative momentum building in your life and to maximize any positive gains.

If your energy has been feeling off in a way that you can’t quite put your finger on, an aura reading from one of our trained experts will help you identify the source of this angst and how to address it. Your intuitions are speaking to you, so listen! Contact one of our experienced aura readers today!

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Cartomancy Reading

A psychic trained and gifted in the craft of cartomancy is able to divine truths using the meaning derived from a deck of ordinary playing cards. With Tarot being one popular example (see “Tarot Readings”, below), cartomancy involves the skilled interpretation of cards, with meanings revealed through various complex combination of suits and numbers.

While cartomancy can appear simple at first, it soon grows incredibly complicated to the untrained participant. The core of cartomancy is the four suits: diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades. The red suits generally denote positivity, with diamonds representing notions such as wealth, power, and success, and hearts being indicative of more emotional and tactile concepts like pleasure and love.

The black suits denote somewhat more complicated meanings. The suit of clubs incorporates ideas such as work, personal and societal growth, and social gathering. Spades, while carrying perhaps the most negative connotation of all suits for its association with difficulties and life obstacles, can yet be construed as positive if one considers that the forewarning of negative events can, potentially, yield the greatest good.

Understanding all the manifold relationships among the various suits and numbers requires a skilled and studied practitioner who can reveal the subtle nuances of meaning. If one is to receive the maximum benefit from a psychic reading, it is necessary to obtain the most complete understanding possible of what the reading reveals. This requires the kind of talented, experienced psychics you can only find right here. What does fate have in the cards for you? Find out with a cartomancy reading today!

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Numerology Reading

“The numerologists say that everything, even what is abstract, can be reduced to a numerical entity.”
– Francois Arnauld, Numerology: Meaning of Numbers and Their Interpretation

Though numerology comes in many forms and can be traced back as far as the ancient Sumerians of 3000 BC, what these varied approaches all share is an understanding of the mystical revelations concealed within the numbers that surround us. For all of human civilization, cultures around the world have practiced the “sacred science” of numerology, with evidence suggesting such practices were widespread among the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Chinese, and Indians.

While tribal shamans for thousands of years passed on from generation to generation their knowledge of the divine power of numbers, in the western tradition, contemporary numerological practices most frequently are associated with the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Born in 570 BC, Pythagoras came to believe that mathematics and numbers form the essence of all things and therefore contain fundamental truths about our nature.

Later philosophers and thinkers from St. Augustine to Descartes to Dante would be heavily influenced by Pythagoras’ numerology, and the practice subsequently would undergo a popular revival in 20th-century America. From the date of one’s birth to the letters in one’s name, numerologists reduce our world to its core mathematical elements in order to reveal essential truths about ourselves, our true personalities, our latent aspirations, and the hidden motives behind our actions. In a way, the modern obsession with “analytics” is just the latest version of numerology, as people scour data sets for unrecognized patterns and unseen meanings.

Let our experienced numerologists open your eyes to the wonderful revelations contained in the numerical patterns that surround us every day. Contact one of our psychics for a reading now!

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Cleromancy Reading

Cleromancy—sometimes known as the “casting of lots”—has been practiced by human societies going back thousands of years to the streets of ancient Egypt and Caesar’s Rome. Over the years, all kinds of items have been used—from assorted beans and seeds to stones to animal bones to dice—but the general practice of divining truths and foreknowledge from the apparently random scattering of objects has been with mankind seemingly since the very beginning.

Where the untrained eye observes only randomness and chance, the skilled practitioner of cleromancy is able to discern deep-seated truths and important revelations. Well-versed in the universe’s multitude of languages, our experienced psychics practice a variety of reading styles, seeing the truth as revealed in all its many forms yet so often overlooked.

See what life has in store for you with one of our skilled practitioners, who will reveal the truth that has been hidden right before your very eyes. Contact one of our psychics for a cleromancy reading today!

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Distant Reading

Our experienced psychics are able to conduct all of our available readings via “distant readings”, meaning you have your very own team of psychics available to you on call 24/7, no matter where you are!

Just like the name suggests, a “distant reading” is any reading conducted in which the psychic and the client do not need to be in the same physical space. In fact, they do not have to be in the same city, the same country, even the same continent!

Modern communication technology has made distant readings available to anyone with an internet connection, who can now get in touch with our team of psychics from almost anywhere!

Whichever one of our wide variety of readings is right for you in the moment, we have an experienced psychic practitioner ready to guide you through life’s most daunting challenges and most anxiety-inducing uncertainties.

Each type of reading we offer represents truth revealed in a different “language”. Just as different translations of a book might express slightly different nuances of meaning, so do different kinds of psychic readings expose different aspects of and perspectives on the truth. By offering a variety of reading types, our psychics interpret the universe’s latent messages in all their many shades and complexities, giving you the full picture you need to live your life to its fullest.

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Lithomancy Reading

Lithomancy can seem quite similar to cleromancy—particularly to the uninformed observer— but it has several important differences. Whereas both kinds of reading involve interpreting the position and other aspects of scattered objects, lithomancy exclusively uses cast stones or crystals and focuses on subtle nuances such as shade and lighting.

The number of stones used in a lithomancy reading as well as the surface onto which the stones are cast vary widely from practitioner to practitioner. Some readings involve as few as five stones while others can incorporate several hundred. Some practitioners cast the stones or crystals onto a silk cloth, others into a tray of sand, others onto an unadorned tabletop.

Many psychics engaging in lithomancy readings are adamant about utilizing only specially purposed crystals, which they are careful to cleanse of negativity and other energy between readings and which they keep stored separately from crystals used for other purposes, such as healing.

There are dozens of different kinds of gemstones and crystals that can be used in lithomancy readings, each with its own complicated meanings and associations. Becoming fully versed in the various combinations and interpretations can take a lifetime.

If you find yourself particularly drawn to the mysterious powers of crystals, a lithomancy reading from one of our skilled psychics might be for you. See what the crystals have to reveal about your life, your future, your biggest questions. Contact one of our psychics for a lithomancy reading today!

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Crystallomancy Reading

While the name “crystallomancy” may not be the most familiar of terms, crystallomancy actually refers to one of the forms of psychic readings that remains most prevalent in the popular imagination: the telling of one’s fortune via crystal ball or similar instrument.

Also known as “crystal-gazing”, “crystallism”, “gastromancy”, and “spheromancy”, the practice of crystallomancy comes in various forms, all of which involve the seer—or psychic reader—entering into a trance-like state induced by his or her gazing into a highly reflective object, typically a crystal ball but sometimes a convex mirror or crystalline gemstone.

Crystallomancy or extremely similar practices appear to be ubiquitous to human cultures around the world, and to have been so for quite some time. According to an entry on “crystal-gazing” that appeared in the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, “The practice…has been traced among the natives of North and South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, among the Maoris…and in Polynesia, and is thus practically of world-wide diffusion.” For a time in the 17th and 18th century, the practice also was highly popular among Scottish nobility.

Our talented psychics are skilled in a variety of different crystallomancy readings, which they utilize to reveal the universe’s hidden truths in their various forms. If you’ve ever wondered what images the crystal ball holds for you, contact one of our psychics for a crystallomancy reading today!

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Palm Reading

The reading of human palms, or palmistry, has a long, established history in cultures spanning the globe. With origins tracing back to Hindu astrology in India—from where it spread throughout Asia into Persia and the Middle East and then Europe—palmistry was first adopted in the west by the ancient Greeks. It is said that Aristotle once found a doctrine of palmistry in a shrine devoted to Hermes, son of Zeus and the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, which Aristotle then gave to Alexander the Great. The ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras was a known devotee of the practice of palmistry, perhaps having brought the skill with him to Athens after having spent his younger years in Asia Minor.

Modern palmistry—also known as chiromancy (sometimes spelled “cheiromancy”) or chirology—underwent a renaissance in the 19th century with the publication of several seminal works on the subject and the foundation in 1889 of The Chirological Society of Great Britain. After being trained abroad under renowned Indian gurus, Irishman William John Warner assumed the name Cheiro and returned to the west, demonstrating such proficiency in the practice of palmistry that he attracted a huge collection of celebrity clients, including Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Thomas Edison. Some works of the era—such as Edward Heron-Allen’s 1883 work Palmistry: A Manual of Cheirosophy—have proven so enduring that they remain in print to this very day.

Our experienced palm readers are well-versed in the techniques and philosophies that for millennia have allowed palmists to reveal fundamental truths and foreshadow future events. By incorporating modern communications and imaging technology into this ancient practice, our palmists can conduct readings any time from virtually anywhere, so contact one of our expert palmists for a reading now!

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Psychometry Reading

Have you ever felt the energy emanating from an object, or picked something up only to feel the presence of the last person who came into contact with it?

As our bodies pass through the physical realm, we leave traces of ourselves on the material objects with which we come into contact. If we sustain contact long enough—such as with a favorite piece of jewelry, worn daily—an object can become deeply infused with our individual vibrations. Such “psychic fingerprints” (to borrow a phrase from The Abbots) remain behind long after our interactions with an object. Psychometry involves the ability to sense and interpret these vibrations and energy.

Psychometry is made possible by tapping into the living energy that binds all things. Known alternatively as Universe, the God force, life force, the divine, and Spirit, this energy contains all of our experiences, sensations, and memories, which then are left behind for the skilled psychometrist to detect.

Because an individual’s vibrations and energy remain with an object for a great deal of time—they have an extremely long half-life, if you will—psychometric readings often are used to channel—through a cherished possession—the energy of someone who is no longer physically with us. This process is known as an “over-head reading”.

A psychometric reading also can be used to reveal one’s own hidden truths. In a flower reading, for example, an individual holds a flower—infusing it with his or her vibrations—before handing it to the psychometrist, who is able to read the energy to reveal latent anxiety, concealed thoughts, and unknown aspirations, which—though literally emanating from our own bodies—often remain secret even to ourselves.

Curious to learn more? Contact one of our skilled psychometrists for a reading today!

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Rune Reading

The Runic alphabet forms the basis of a largely forgotten writing system implemented by Germanic tribes throughout northern Europe beginning around the 3rd century AD. Long heralded for their mystical qualities, the 24 unique symbols of the Rune alphabet often are inscribed onto so-called Rune stones, which are used in Rune readings.

As in cleromancy and lithomancy, a Rune reading begins with a casting, in this case of the Rune stones. Once the Rune stones have come to rest on the specially tailored surface, the skilled Rune reader is able to reveal the subject’s fortune by interpreting the symbols themselves and the subtleties of their arrangement.

One common form of Rune reading involves laying out a white cloth on which to cast the Rune stones. The Rune stones are then taken by hand (or in a cup or pouch) and cast upon the cloth, either while facing the sun or along an East-West axis. The Rune stones that come to rest with their symbol side facing upward are read, with special attention paid to whether the symbol appears “reversed” or not, which can have enormous ramifications for the Rune’s meaning.

As Dr. Martin D. Rayner, Professor of Physiology at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, describes in the preface to Ralph H. Blum’s seminal work The Book of Runes, the Runes offer “a means of communication with the knowledge of our subconscious minds.”

Let our skilled Rune readers help you access this untapped wealth of knowledge and intuition you didn’t even know you had. Contact one of our psychics for a Rune reading today!

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Tarot Reading

Despite being centuries old, the reading of Tarot cards remains today one of the most trusted and popular methods of psychic reading. Tarotology—the expert reading of Tarot cards—belongs to the broader class of psychic reading known as cartomancy, or the using of cards to reveal psychic insights.

Tarot cards originally appeared in Europe in the mid-1400s as a kind of playing card. Similar to today’s popular playing cards, Tarot cards feature four primary suits. However, Tarot decks have 14 cards per suit rather than the usual 13, with the extra card in the Tarot deck being a Knight face card (to go along with King, Queen, and Jack/Knave). Tarot also features an additional trump suit of 21 cards and a Fool card.

Historical evidence shows various kinds of playing cards being used for psychic readings and other divinations as far back as the 1540s, with specific references to Tarot decks being used for these purposes stretching back at least to the 1750s. The first Tarot decks designed specifically for psychic readings began to appear in the late 1780s. These decks are divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana—made up of the 21 cards in the trump suit and the Fool—feature the familiar Tarot symbols such as The Magician, The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune, Death, and The Devil. The Minor Arcana consists of the four other tarot suits and contains a total of 56 cards.

The complex meanings represented by the various Tarot cards and their infinite combinations have filled many volumes written over several centuries, and while amateurish explanations of Tarot meanings abound, only true students of Tarotology can reveal the full and correct meaning behind the cards. Whatever questions you may seek to have answered, contact one of our skilled Tarotologists for a reading today!

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True Psychics
True Psychics

True psychics has many professional and respected phone psychics who specialize in past life readings.

Call Now or see on of our past life reading psychics.

Why True Psychic Readings?

Our unique insights can show you a brighter future, the future you long-since dreamed about but never realised. So let us use our gift to help you, to open your mind to new horizons and new opportunities, to dispel the cloud of doubt and fear and shine a light to help you find your true direction. We cannot tell you which route to take, of course, because that choice is yours and yours alone, but we can provide you with guidance, advice and a sympathetic ear.

Meet Psychic Keith – a True Psychics Canadian Legend

“For over 25 years I have been helping people find the answers they seek and discover their own path through life. From strengthening relationships to understanding dreams, from huge life-affirming choices to small day to day things like finding lost items, I use my gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance and psychic healing to provide assistance and guidance on a range of life issues be they spiritual, emotional or practical. Sixteen years ago I was introduced to the tarot and numerology, and have since added astrology to my repertoire of tools. In life we face many obstacles along our path, I believe in taking a direct approach towards tackling them, I want to help you clear that path of clutter and doubt and look forward to helping you find the answers you are seeking.” Your past, present and future are more closely connected than you might realize.

Call Keith today or see his detailed psychic profile.

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