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VIP Membership

How Does It Work?

1) Free Sign Up

Click on the VIP Register link and fill out the brief form.

2) Purchase talk time

You can purchase talk time by adding funds to your account.
Click the "Add funds" link at the top left of the page after logging in.
There are 3 billing options you can use to top up your account.
Billing Options are:

  • Pay By Phone
  • Pay By Credit Card
  • Pay By Interac® Online ®Trade-mark of Interac Online. Used under license.

  • 3) Call VIP membership number

    After logging in you'll be able to see the VIP phone number. It is displayed at the top of the page in white text underneath the column titled VIP Phone Number.
    This is the number to call and access the VIP membership savings.

    4) Calls billed per minute and automatically redeemed from your account

  • You are not billed a 'flat rate' using the VIP phone number.
  • You will be billed on a per/minute basis at a 30% savings off the regular rate.
  • All charges will be deducted automatically from your account.

  • 5) Save 30% off regular rate

    That's it. You'll be ready to begin saving 30% on your calls after you create a FREE VIP membership account.

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