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Our unique insights can show you a brighter future, a future you may have dreamed about but are still on a journey to achieve. Let us use our skills to open your mind to new horizons and new opportunities, to dispel the cloud of doubt and fear, and to shine a light on your true direction. The route you take is uniquely your own, but like a trusted friend, we can provide you with guidance, advice and a sympathetic ear.

Astrology Reading

One of the oldest forms of psychic reading still in use today, astrology readings also remain one of the most popular. Trained astrologers are devoted to the study of the complex interrelationships among the positioning of celestial bodies and the course of human events, ranging in scale from the global to the personal. Let our highly trained, experienced astrologists reveal to you the universe’s answers to all life’s most pressing and significant questions.

Aura Reading

The aura, simply put, is the energy field surrounding all human beings, animals, and objects. Though often invisible to the untrained eye, the aura impacts all aspects of an entity’s being, as it is intricately connected to the body’s vital force, or chakra. Our aura readers are experienced in using the information revealed by your aura reading to help you redirect your energy flows in a more positive direction, helping to reverse any negative momentum building in your life and to maximize any positive gains.

Cartomancy Reading

A psychic trained and gifted in the craft of cartomancy is able to divine truths using the meaning derived from a deck of ordinary playing cards. With Tarot being one popular example, cartomancy involves the skilled interpretation of cards, with meanings revealed through various complex combinations of suits and numbers. Understanding all the manifold relationships among the various suits and numbers requires a skilled and studied practitioner who can reveal the subtle nuances of meaning.

Cleromancy Reading

Cleromancy—sometimes known as the “casting of lots”—has been practiced by human societies going back thousands of years to the streets of ancient Egypt and Caesar’s Rome. Where the untrained eye observes only randomness and chance, the skilled practitioner of cleromancy is able to discern deep-seated truths and important revelations. Well-versed in the universe’s multitude of languages, our experienced psychics practice a variety of reading styles, seeing the truth as revealed in all its many forms yet so often overlooked.

Crystallomancy Reading

Crystallomancy refers to the psychic reader gazing into a highly reflective object, like a crystal ball. Our talented psychics are skilled in a variety of different crystallomancy readings, which they utilize to reveal the universe’s hidden truths in their various forms.

Lithomancy Reading

Lithomancy readings are a form of divination where the light reflected from crystals or stones can provide insight to one’s future. If you find yourself particularly drawn to the mysterious powers of crystals, a lithomancy reading from one of our skilled psychics might be for you. See what the crystals have to reveal about your life, your future, your biggest questions.

Numerology Reading

Numerologists say that everything, even what is abstract, can be reduced to a numerical entity. For all of human civilization, cultures around the world have practiced the “sacred science” of numerology. From the date of one’s birth to the letters in one’s name, numerologists reduce our world to its core mathematical elements in order to reveal essential truths about ourselves, our true personalities, our latent aspirations, and the hidden motives behind our actions. Let our experienced numerologists open your eyes to the wonderful revelations contained in the numerical patterns that surround us every day.

Palm Reading

A palm reading is the practice of studying the palm to give insight and understanding to what the future holds. Our experienced palm readers can conduct readings any time from virtually anywhere and are well-versed in the techniques and philosophies of the craft.

Past Life Reading

We have many professional and respected phone psychics who specialize in past life readings. Through a psychic past life regression, we can open a portal to another time and place and allow you to relive those moments vividly. It is only when we can truly appreciate, experience and comprehend our past that we can then begin to see our future.

Psychometry Reading

Psychometry is made possible by tapping into the living energy that binds all things. This energy contains all of our experiences, sensations, and memories, which then are left behind for the skilled psychometrist to detect. A psychometric reading also can be used to reveal one’s own hidden truths.

Rune Reading

A rune reading begins with a casting using a tool that involves stones with symbols where a skilled rune reader is able to reveal the subject’s past, present and future by interpreting the symbols themselves and the subtleties of their arrangement. Let our skilled rune readers help you access this untapped wealth of knowledge and intuition you didn’t even know you had.

Tarot Reading

A tarot card reading is where a trained tarotologist uses cards to reveal insights about the past, present and future and can help us understand the different cycles of our lives. Despite being centuries old, the reading of Tarot cards remains today one of the most trusted and popular methods of psychic reading.

“For over 25 years I have been helping people find the answers they seek and discover their own path through life. From strengthening relationships to understanding dreams, from huge life-affirming choices to small day to day things like finding lost items, I use my gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance and psychic healing to provide assistance and guidance on a range of life issues be they spiritual, emotional or practical. Nearly two decades ago, I was introduced to the tarot and numerology, and have since added astrology to my repertoire of tools. In life we face many obstacles along our path, I believe in taking a direct approach towards tackling them, I want to help you clear that path of clutter and doubt and look forward to helping you find the answers you are seeking.”

- Keith (True Psychic)

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