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Friday June 17, 2022

Daily Horoscope

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Be aware that communication may be a little more scattered than you are used to as you strive to get too many things done at exactly the same time. With the assistance of those around you, you are sure to get a lot more accomplished than you are expecting, but you are the one who is going to have to do the work on your own life in order to become successful in your eyes.


Today is about your career, whether that is running your own business or running your home. The primary focus in both cases is improving the energy flow in your primary work and/or working space. Today really is about you and your goals, so keep those goals in mind and remain true to yourself. It is not up to you to make other people happy with you.


Communication is very important today, and you are likely to find yourself engrossed in many meetings and/or phone calls. Complications with technology are likely to be prevalent today, so be sure that you speak slowly and clearly. A quiet discussion with that special someone reveals new goals that you may have been unaware of but are very compatible with your own.


An interesting situation results in an impromptu meeting with your boss. This is your opportunity to express your concerns and goals regarding the direction your career is heading in. Emotions are very likely to be tense today, as they are running extremely high. With this in mind, be sure to stay focused on the task at hand until it is complete.


Quality time spent with those in your social circle helps bring a much more unifying feel to your life. This is the time to put the negative past to rest and focus on the positive things you have already set in motion. When things get complicated at work, take the initiative and have a quiet conversation with your boss, but remain diplomatic in pointing out your desires and your goals for the future.


This is the time to really focus on where your life is heading, not where it came from. By working to correct the energy flow in your primary work and/or living space, you are more readily able to put the negative past behind you and thus prepare for a very positive future; but the choice is yours. A conversation with that special someone helps put you on the path that you desire to be on, but remember you must remain true to you first.


This is a time for clear communication, so make the most of the opportunity to talk to your boss about changes you feel are necessary; but remember to remain diplomatic. A complicated situation at work involving co-workers is likely to require the input of your boss in order to straighten it out. This is the time to absolutely stick to the quantifiable facts of the situation; this is not a time for speculation.


Relaxation at this point in time is even more necessary than you are expecting. With new information coming to light through a dream, be sure to take the time to write at least the basics down before returning to sleep. It is almost imperative you organize your day in the form of expected tasks before your day gets underway, as you are sure to be pulled in multiple directions at the same time.


Take advantage of the opportunity to relax with those close to you and unwind after a very stressful day. This is almost certain to be more beneficial than you are expecting. With added insights coming to you through a quiet conversation with that special someone, you are able to see your future together in a much clearer fashion.  


Quality time spent with that special someone sets in motion plans for a long-overdue holiday. This is an excellent time to relax with that special someone and/or those close to you, so make the most of the opportunity to do so. Most of your day is likely to be spent in meetings or making plans for the future. A quiet conversation with that special someone is sure to help get the energy running in the right direction for your life at this time.


This is a time of extremes, so keep this in mind, especially in complicated conversations, as the truth is sure to come out. It is essential you plan at least in point form for an important meeting today in order to get your point heard effectively. As emotions are likely to be running a little high, be sure to think things through before speaking your opinion.


The energy flow in your material world is of primary concern to you at this point, so be sure to focus on the goals that you desire to co-create by eliminating the clutter that is getting in the way of attaining them. An unexpected interaction with people of authority leads to a tense conversation. It is imperative that you focus on the quantifiable facts of the situation, as the truth is going to come out regardless.