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1. How much does this cost?
3.19 per minute plus tax.
2. Different billing methods?
800 number (credit card visa / mastercard / amex), 900 number (bill to home phone), ADC (# code... bill to cell), Enter your number directly widget.
3. What is a psychic, clairvoyant... etc...?
Refer to our psychic meanings & definitions page
4. Who is good with relationships?
Everyone... probably 85 - 90% of our calls.
5. How much experience do they have?
No one here has less than 20 years experience... half of them have 30 years or more.
6. Who is the most popular?
They all have a loyal and long-term clientelle... all depends on chemistry between the client and the psychic as to who is the best fit for them.
7. What if I run out of time?
Call back in and your operator can put you back through to your psychic.

collage of psychics speaking with people on the phone

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